How can we help?

Our service provides a range of supports for women and children who are victims of family violence. We work alongside you to develop safety plans that address the specific risks you and your children face. We will never tell you what you should do but provide you with information to make informed choices and put support in place that reflects your choices and goals for yourself and your children. For some women our support will include spending time in our Safe House while obtaining protection and parenting orders, finding rental accommodation, getting benefits sorted and engaging in counselling. For others having a monitored alarm installed and a home security upgrade and getting protection orders allow her to stay in her home while attending women’s education and support programmes, learning how to help their children address the impact of witnessing abuse. For women who choose to remain with their partners or to return to them, safety planning, women’s empowerment programmes and emotional support may best meet their needs. In all cases, the service delivered is chosen by the woman we are supporting who we recognise as the expert on her own needs and those of her children.