Rights In Our Service

All women and children who engage with our service have the right to: 
• Be treated with dignity and respect. 
• Be Listened to, believed and heard with no judgement. 
• Be free from discrimination on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, national origin, sexuality, disability, or marital status. 
• Choose the services or programs in which they or their children wish to engage. 
• Ask questions and receive answers about any service provided to them. 
• Participate fully in all plans, programs and services in which they are engaged. 
• Request changes in services or refuse service. 
• Have a case plan and safety plan individualised to fit their needs. 
• Freedom from any form of abuse be it verbal, physical, sexual, emotional or financial abuse from a member of Tokoroa Women’s refuge or other service user. 
• Have a support person present during any visits or meetings. 
• Make complaints, have them heard, get a prompt response, and not receive any threats or mistreatments as a result, in accordance with the complaints procedure given at intake.
• Make a complaint to our National Body (NCIWR) if they are not satisfied with the response to a complaint in accordance with our complaints policy and procedure. 
• Request a copy of their file and any documents held about them by Tokoroa Women’s Refuge.[/pl_text]